School of Informatics, Nagoya University

Liberal arts

Informatics is science and communication

Informatics is the driving force behind the development of science and the deepening of communication, while also creating new value.

Conversations using SNS on your smartphone, Playing games by cooperating with strangers on the other side of the globe. You are probably already proficient in using information.

The future has already begun. If you were to make friends with a robot in the future, how would the robot friend be different to a human friend? Would there be any racial problems in a society consisting of robots? To know the answer, we must re-examine humans. Scientific research to explore what the mind is and the pursuit into the workings of the brain are important steps. You may also find friends in the far reaches of space. Astronomy education using smart devices and the latest imaging technology continues to bring space closer.

Large capacity communication networks and social media create social exchange throughout the world and social exchange that exceeds its generation, and continue to expand on new possibilities for communication. When turning towards global problems from now, we will no doubt see many more friends appear in the world. Using the accomplishments of science for society, Learning that creates value from the various relationships, That is informatics as science and communication.

At Nagoya University, the newly established School of Informatics has discovered problems that our modern society, which is increasing in complexity and diversity, may encounter. We are gaining knowledge, ideas and interactive ability to resolve these issues, investigate how both the future of mankind and its society should be and also develop human resources that will create new value.

Informatics connects humans, society and technology and also creates new communication that expands the world.

Information moves the world.

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