School of Informatics, Nagoya University


Informatics is science and technology

Informatics is the driving force behind the development of science and the progress of technology, while also creating new value.

Using smartphone apps freely, downloading games and music, uploading videos to video sharing websites. You are probably already proficient in using information.

The future has already begun.
Self-driving vehicles that use artificial intelligence. Automated transportation of baggage using drones (unmanned aerial vehicles). These will no doubt release humans from the constraints on time and distance while bringing us greater freedom. Robots that interact with us by answering various verbal questions. Portable devices that manage our health and diagnose our illness. These satisfy our intellectual curiosity and free us of our anxiety concerning illness. In this way, informatics removes the various obstacles around humans due to technology and brings new value to our lives.

Our rapid change to an information-oriented society where we are overloaded with data complicates the serious problems related to nature and life as well as the fundamental problems of mankind. It is fair to say that our view of the world has been turned upside down. For this reason, it is extremely important that we now re-examine the world from the perspective of information based on simulation that uses super computers, modeling and big data analysis. This is informatics as a science.

At Nagoya University, the newly established School of Informatics has discovered problems that our modern society, which is increasing in complexity and diversity, may encounter. We are gaining knowledge, ideas and technology to resolve these issues and develop human resources that will create new value. Informatics creates progress in science and technology, predicts and determines all issues faced by humanity and gives us the power to overcome these issues.

Information moves the world.

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